Athletic Facilities

Mims Gymnasium 2012 Renovation

"New Floors: Equivalent Representations of New Expectations"

In August 2012, Philander Smith College's Mims Gymnasium received a much needed face lift! Crews worked overtime to get the gym ready for the upcoming athletic season. This renovation was long overdue as Coach Thurlon "Sam" Weaver, the Athletic Director, worked around the clock to improve the facilities and overall image of the athletic program.

Not only is Weaver focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the athletic facilities, he is also passionate about the academic propensity of the student-athlete body as a whole. This year, he is daring the PSC coaching staff to challenge the minds and bodies of the men and women who plan to sport the Panther and Lady Panther uniforms.

The new gym floors are merely a physical representation of the new attitude and heightened expectations that are yet to come. Please join the Philander Smith community in cheering on our athletes both on and off the court. We challenge you to be an avid supporter of PSC athletics.

Panther Pride!!!

Photos of the gym renovations will be available in the photo gallery soon!!!